School Ulsan, South Korea Has TEFL Jobs Available

Far East, South Korea

Union English


Korea’s 7th largest city - a city with a perfect mix of cityscapes, mountains, beaches, and nature. Only a short 30-minute train ride to Busan and a 20-minute train ride to Korea’s ancient capital, Gyeongju.

Join our group of English teachers in the city of Ulsan, South Korea at Union English Academies! We currently have two locations with teaching vacancies and we are looking for a bright and positive couple to fill these positions. The academies are located near one another.
We currently have 4 foreign teachers from Canada and the US, however, a few of our teachers will be returning back to their home countries.

Here are the conditions:

The most important things are to have a cheerful personality and skills to get along well with children.

STARTING DATE - April 20th, 2020 and June 20th, 2020
CONTRACT PERIOD – One year, with the option to renew.
SALARY - 2.0- 2.3 million won depending on experience, plus a full month payment upon completion of the contract.
WORKING HOURS – shifts will be from 2:00-8:30 pm, Monday to Friday. You will teach six 50-minute classes and will have three 20-minute breaks per day, in addition to 30 minutes of prep time from 2:00-2:30 pm daily.
STUDENTS - Elementary school and middle school, with a maximum class size of only 8 students!
QUALIFICATIONS - Must have a bachelor's degree and come from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, NZ or Australia. Experience is a plus.
ACCOMMODATION – We will provide you with a furnished two-bedroom apartment with a full living space, kitchen plus a balcony.
HOLIDAYS - One full week in the summer, one full week in the winter, in addition to all Korean National Holidays.
FLIGHT - One-way ticket provided upon completion of the contract.
MEDICAL INSURANCE - Employer pays 50% of your medical insurance.
PENSION - Employer pays 50% of your pension, which you will receive upon departing Korea.

It's a friendly work environment between all teachers and students. The classes are equipped with smart boards and all lessons are pre-planned using an assortment of textbooks. Although no lesson planning is needed from the teachers, we allow and encourage them to make suggestions in order to improve the learning experience of their students.
If you are interested, please send your CV directly to Joanne at Union English School and we can arrange a skype interview.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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