Opportunities for a TEFL Teacher to Teach Children in Korea, Near Seoul

Far East, South Korea

International Children's Language School

$24-30,000/Sept. 2019/Well-Motivated Students/Near Seoul/

Teaching Development/Single Apt./Round Tickets/Medical Insurance/Pension/Severance

< Working Conditions >

- Five-day working week(Mon.-Fri.)

- 5 hours 10 min. teaching a day: 3-9 p.m

: Required class preparation: Teachers should come to school by 2 p.m for Pep.

- No changing classes during school year

< Salary & Benefits >

- The salary start from 2.2-2.4 million won

- The school provides housing(single)

- Round-trip airfare if hired outside Korea

- Severance Pay: a month salary

(Depend upon completion of contract)

- working visa

- medical insurance

- pension

< Teacher's Qualification >

- The ability to show sincere love and care for children

- A desire to be the best teacher

- A strong commitment to the International Children's Language School's Mission Statement

- Has a BA/BS degree or a master's degree

- Outstanding experience in their teaching area

- Native English Speaker

- Early child Education or TESOL preferred

< Documents Required >

- Application form for employment (www.icls.co.kr)

- Resume

- Copy of degree

- Copy of transcription

- Copy of passport

- A recent picture

- Self-medical Check form

- Criminal Record Check with Apostille(FBI state level)

* Would you please send all required documents:

If you want to know about the school, call or email me anytime. Former and current teachers' phone numbers and email addresses are available for applicants.

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