Middle School in South Korea Requires Teach English as a Foreign Language Job

Far East, South Korea

Banks and Lee Academic English

Banks and Lee Academic English is a successful British-owned school that has been operating out of Sanbon for 15 years now. Our student body is composed of approximately 250 students, with elementary students comprising about 80% and middle school students accounting for 20%. Our school principles are informed by experiences teaching at universities since 1998, and we have transfered much of this experience over to our own school. We adhere to a strongly communicative approach, supported by project based learning, presentations, and reading circles. We also adhere to a strictly Western management style and therefore, you will not encounter any of the ¡°cultural misunderstandings¡± that can occur elsewhere. Our managers are highly approachable, open, and fair.

Our teaching staff is talented and professional, and we believe that the best way to educate students is giving them the opportunity to communicate with teacher guidance or in free discussion with teachers guiding them along the way. Our school is focused on education and teaching and gives teachers the opportunity to simply teach, without being bogged down by all the busy work many academies put upon staff.

All our teachers are well trained, professional and take great pride in their teaching. We are looking for people with similar potential. You don¡¯t necessarily need a great deal of experience, but you will need to be reflective, willing to try new approaches, and keen to learn and improve your teaching skills on an ongoing basis.

1. Location: Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do

2. Teaching level: Elementary~Middle school

3. Starting date: March 1s

4. Working hours: 1:30PM - 9:30PM (Mon ~ Fri)
(Less depending on a teacher¡¯s schedule/ No weekends and no split shifts)

5. Salary: 2.3+ Million KRW

6. Benefits: Housing, severance pay, health insurance & pension (paid 50/50),
10 paid vacation days

7. Qualifications : Must have an apostilled bachelor's degree and a nationwide (FBI/RCMP/etc) criminal background check// Citizenship from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand

8. Application: CV (Resume) & photo, cover letter detailing visa status, availability & experience, etc.

Start date
End date