Government Sponsored Position for 2 Couple TEFL Teachers in Korea

Far East, South Korea


Hello Couple Teachers

If you are interested in the positions as below, Please send your resume and 
photo to Michael if you are interested in the 
position as below

I am looking for couple teachers (2 COUPLES ) - Governments Sponsored 
1 couple for the end of September, 2019 1 couple for the end of October, 

My Government English School is located at CHANG-NYEONG and near the 
DAE-GU The 3rd biggest city in Korea (30 minutes here)and BUSAN(PUSAN). 
The 2nd biggest city in Korea (beautiful many beaches in there) one hour 
and some minutes by bus .. transportation system is the best to any wherever 
in korea, too. from the School. 
This area(changnyeong) has many beautiful different cultures and most famous 
mountains,many royal tombs,historical place. many climbers come to visit 
here all the year in korea and many gyms(including CHANGNYEONG government 
gym . 
In front of school some convenience stores,some fine restaurants,some big 
markets at downtown(five minutes by my school van )and close behind of 
school most famousgolf links(36 holes.BE held golf champion ship very often 
and famous for Hot -Spa..and U PO WET LAND(was held environmental olympic 
games in CHANGNYEONG.Surrounding area at my school ,there are a number of 
festivals and events throughout all the year. my family (we call our 
teachers)enjoy various outdoor activities, We all take participate in many 
festivals and events . 
At my English school Many English speakers work here as an 
instructor..including a newly wed couple. and No korean co- 

If you are very interested in my government school 
Then To begin with, I will provide you with some information.

Internet Access:all apartment come with a computer(SAM SUNG) and Broadband 
Internet TFT Monitors, speakers etc.. 
The connection is pretty good. your lap top computer is ok ! If you have it. 
# The teachers rule is that you "uphold your dignity; Basically teachers 
must do their best at all times. 
Education in the most important thing in my country, korea. 
A Demo-confusionist society means that hierarchy and bureaucracy are 
paramount to the working environment 
..It is important that you follow instructions one hundred percent at all 

the students are from the local town and near by districts...There are two 
schools one is teaching at the class room,the other is a cyber -school. 
CYBER SCHOOL..It is is teaching with a web camera and head - is unique and will treat a new range of skills. 
The job is different to general classroom teaching. Of course,You need to 
have some computer skills. 
Employees where either for cyber school or English camp.(both 
teaching.rotation) You might change job.... 
I give you more flexibility in recruitment.

# ! 
one very important thing is private tutoring..This is a BIG NO!! this is 
the most important thing.. 
kids parents may ask you to tutor their kids a part -time.

The contracts are for a one year period and a second year signing is 
possible depending on evaluations.

- About how many students are at the English Camp in a given week?

We get approximately 10-15 students for English camp. ?small class sizes in 
comparison to a lot of private academies.?

- Would we be teaching the same students throughout the day in their various 

Once you are assigned to a class of students at the beginning of the month 
you have them all day which is six lessons (45 minutes each) with a 
10 minute break between each lesson. The students are here for one week 
(regular schedule from 1 pm to 4:30 pm) and evening class depends on! 
Usually working hours 12:30 pm to 9 pm.

- How much English do the majority of the students know when they arrive at 
the English Camp?

It all depends. We separate the students into different levels of English

- How do the teachers evaluate or grade the children?

We do a interview at the beginning of the week!

- Could you please tell me about the Cyber School?

Cyber school is two or three months .very easy for teaching at CYBER SCHOOL. 
We (ALL TEACHERS) rotate every two or three months into Cyber School.(make a 
decision Suzi &Richard) after done cyber school,Go back to class room 
teaching(long months) 
Cyber class sizes all depend, but usually no more than 5-6 students in each 

- How often would we be teaching at the English Camp, and how often would we 
be teaching at the Cyber School?

Every two or three months on line teaching.(It depends on) we are based on 3 

- I understand the school is located in Changnyeong County. Is it located in 
the actual town of Changnyeong, or outside of it?

It is located right outside of the actual town of Changnyeong. It is 
approximately 4 kilometers (less than three miles) to the town.

- How big is the town of Changnyeong?

Approximately100,000 people.

- Not knowing any Korean, how well will be able to communicate with the 
locals in town?

Once you have settled in the communication issue isn't that difficult. ?In 
almost places people know a little bit of English, but if you ever need 
all the Korean staff at the CEV. will help. Plus Koreans are extremely 
helpful to foreigners here.

- How many English teachers are currently working at the English Camp? About 
how many will be there when we arrive in oct.

There are usually 8 teachers here (4 couples)

- I am a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for about twelve years. I don't 
eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or anything containing those items.? 
I eat foods such as cereal, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, beans, and 
milk. How difficult will it be for me to find food that I can eat to 
purchase in Changyeong?

There was a married couple working here that are also vegetarian, and 
they are fine living here and being able to cook the foods and find the 
Everyday there is an open market in Changnyeong that is loaded with 
vegetables and fruits. Rice is always plentiful (and cheap) here. 
They also make fresh tofu in town. Don't expect to eat out too often, 
because Korean food has a lot of mean and fish. 
Although cooking is usually a better idea anyway ( I usually cook at home) 
and costco(in Dae gu and Pusan).

- I'm glad to hear that the housing is fully furnished. What does this 
include? Does it come with pots and pans, dishes, blankets, and towels, or 
do we purchase those items?

All you really need to bring is towels (although they are relatively cheap 
in town anyways). ?Depending on how you like your bedding, you might want to 
bring sheets.

- Do you pay for our flight to Korea upfront and book the plane tickets for 
us? Would we be flying from our local city (Moncton, New Brunswick) to 
Busan? Will someone meet us at the airport?

You have to buy your ticket yourself and will get reimbursed once you get 
here. You get reimbursed very quickly (much faster than other school)

- Are there any particular items you'd recommend we bring to Korea from 

If you forgot anything, you can get anything you need here. ?I can't think 
of anything off the top of my head, but will email you if I think of 
something essential.

- How often do the teachers get paid?

Every month on the 17th.

- How much cash do you recommend we bring with us when we move there?

For two people I would recommend probably around $1200(?) to pay for any 
expenses until you get reimbursed for the plane tickets and until your first 
pay check.

- How should we dress for teaching?

Formal for the first day of the week and business..casual is no good...This 
is government school..very strict for dress code 
and very unique about many things and very different from public school in 
korea but better for teachers..many perks(benefits)


usual daily schedule of a class day 
English Camp 
The schedule shifts a little depending on the day of the week. The primary 
focus is English Camp. 
That runs from 1-4:30, Monday - Friday. Each class is 45 minutes with a ten 
minute break in between. 
On Mondays we interview the students and sort them into different classes 
based on their English abilities. 
We typically only teach two classes on Monday because of the interviews. 
We each have classrooms but throughout the school there are situation rooms: 
airport, store, bank, post office, hotel/cafe and hospital. 
Additionally, there is a science room, language lab, library and art room. 
Tuesday through Thursday we each sign up for a room from the first group and 
take our students there, usually third or fourth period. 
There most teachers practice dialogues with the students but you can also 
play games and do other activities relevant to the room. 
Different teachers plan differently but, depending on the class, I generally 
plan for the week, the day and the hour. 
For the latter rooms, some of us are still figuring out ways to integrate 
them into our classes but they are great to have. 
On Fridays, we usually start the day with the students writing a letter home 
to their parents about their week or playing a recap game. 
I typically discuss with the students how the week went and, if their 
English abilities are high enough, I ask them what they liked and disliked 
about the week. 
Occasionally the students fill out surveys at the beginning of the day on 
Friday but we don't ever see them. 
I've found that having this discussion with the students has been a great 
way for me to gain feedback. 
For example, there's an activity that I enjoy doing in the airport but I've 
realized that some age levels don't particularly enjoy it all. 
So I've now been trying to build on the resources that I have for that room. 
2nd period on Fridays is often spent outside so that the students can burn 
off some steam and settle in for a movie the second half of the day. 
There are a variety of textbooks that we teach from geared towards different 
grade levels and English abilities. 
Additionally, we are encouraged to develop our own teaching style and 
supplemental materials.

Evening Class 
Evening class lasts for about three months or so. There are four levels and 
they meet for an hour at night, 7:10-8:30, - Time and Day...It depends on) 
usually 3 times in a week. 
These students are typically more advanced and the class is a way for them 
to, hopefully, improve all aspects of their English. 
Usually there is a textbook that we teach from in addition to our own 
supplemental materials. 
During the final week of classes they will present their country to the 
Each week we are covering an additional topic: 
Travel, Architecture, Law & Government, Music & Art - and they are 
encouraged to study those topics, in addition to their own, 
as they pertain to their countries of choice. 
Each week we cover a different grammar aspect and reading and speaking 
exercises related to our topic. 
The students make sentences from vocabulary words and have journal 
Additionally, they have a weekly vocal presentation that they give to the 

Overtime & Schedule:

As far as overtime is concerned, your schedule will always be 12:30-9 
(Fridays, Special.12:30-6) 
For the majority of the year, we work from 12:30-9. 
You will teach 24-30 hours a week and the rest is devoted to planning, etc.

We also do a couple of workshops a year which are basically all staff field 
trips for a couple days. 
It's really an opportunity for us all to hang out outside of school.

Teaching ways:

Your teaching style and the methods you use are really left up to you. 
As I mentioned, we do have textbooks but the way you implement the material 
is your choice. 
I'm not sure how much you know about the school so I apologize if some of 
this is redundant... 
basically the idea of English Camp is that it's an immersion and situation 
based school. 
The students come for three hours (four classes) a day for a week. 
I use cuisenaire rods a lot that I brought from home. 
I use them almost weekly to teach 'this' 'that' and 'these' 'those'. 
I also use them to teach articles and comparison adjectives. I recently 
made a fidel chart to teach phonics. 
There are resources here but if there is anything in particular that you 
would like to teach with, you should bring it. 
There are plenty of flashcard sets here and you can print that sort of thing 
in color here. 
In the library there are also tons of resources that most of us have yet to 
fully utilize and we have access to various esl websites.

Additional Info:

One major thing that we are expected to do is write reports 
- we write a daily report covering what we did each period, a weekly report 
summarizing each day, and a student report briefly touching on the students' 
You will develop a system that lets you efficiently get through them. 
Other than that, there isn't any other regular thing expected of us. 
Occasionally visitors come to the school and we will be introduced and spend 
a few minutes talking but that's like any job. 
Obviously you should keep your classroom and desk in the teacher's room in 
order .

cyber school(on line teaching)

Generally you will either be teaching in Cyber School or the classroom. 
This past spring there was an exception; one teacher taught at English Camp 
during the day and Cyber School in the evenings. 
But that really was an exception. Usually, teachers begin their time here 
by teaching at Cyber School. 
It's usually ~8-12 week rotations. I actually taught at English Camp for a 
month and then moved to Cyber School as there was already a teacher there. 
Now that I've finished with Cyber School I will finish out my time at 
English Camp. 
You sit in a cubicle with a webcam and microphone and the students are doing 
the same thing at home. 
They have textbooks in front of them but the material is also loaded on the 
The classes range from phonics to adults and they last for forty-five 
minutes a session. 
There are textbooks that you will use but many of the teachers now make 
additional materials as well and upload them to the system. 
When you are here, someone else will probably guide you through all of that 
as I followed the textbooks and am not familiar with how that works. 
You are also responsible for writing a daily report in Cyber School but it's 
fairly straightforward. 
You may not really teach until the afternoon and evenings so, as the English 
schedule winds down, Cyber School is just getting started.

how you like the school

I like the school a lot. I was adamant that I work for a government funded 
school as I did not like the sound of the hagwons. 
I wanted to make sure that I got paid on time, got vacation time, and that 
there was some accountability in the event that my boss was horrible or 
tried cheating me. 
At the English Camp, I've not had those worries. 
I was a little weary about the schedule but find that I really enjoy it. 
I like having the mornings free to run errands and do other activities. 
I also think we have the best of both worlds as far as our classes go. I 
really like the weekly English Camp schedule. 
It makes the time fly (seriously, your year here will be done before you 
know it) and you get a new group of students each week. 
That being said, I love having Evening Class because you do have the same 
kids for an extended period of time and you can build on their skills and 
help them develop. 
Our school building is very nice as well. 
It was converted from an old middle school. As I mentioned, we each have 
our own classroom and there are situation rooms throughout. 
In addition, there's the Cyber School, a library, administration office, 
auditorium, teachers' office, meeting room and Richard's office. 
We have a lot of perks with our job; whether it's simply snacks that Suzi 
puts out for us during the day or an extended vacation time, they are all 
very nice to have. 
Many of us have found that we are careful about discussing our position with 
other teachers as there are a lot of positives with our job that many other 
teachers do not have.

Hello Couple Teachers

If you are interested in the positions as above, Please send your resume and 
photo to Michael if you are interested in the position as below

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