ESL Teacher Required in Daejeon, South Korea

Far East, South Korea

POLY Noeun Campus

Please note that at this point, you should have all of the required documents in-hand or be in the country and able to transfer in order to apply

Job Opening

• School: Korea POLY School – Noeun Campus
• Job Title: English Language Instructor
• Job Location: Noeun (Noeun Station – Daejeon Line)
• Working Hours: 9:30 AM – 7:05 PM (MWF), 9:30 AM – 7:50 (TTH)
• Start Date: Training and classroom observation from February 24th ~ 27th, Orientation on 28th, official start date March 2nd

*Please send your resume with a cover letter and a recent photo via email.

Job Description
Since 1999, Korea POLY School has been fostering students’ growth in their development of the English language with a proven learning curriculum that incorporates North American curriculum standards. We strive to develop students to be lifelong learners and contributing members of a changing world. We encourage our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers as well as promoting them to value their bilingual skills. We are currently looking for passionate and committed teachers who will continue this tradition.

Campus Description
Noeun Campus is 2 minutes away from Noeun station on the Daejeon subway line which runs across Daejeon city. Noeun is a residential area but it also offers all the conveniences of an exciting modern city and is about 25-minute subway commute away from downtown Daejeon. There are lots of parks, mountains and hiking trails to enjoy and cleaner air as well. Daejeon is also located right in the center of Korea which makes travelling to different parts of Korea much easier. With bullet trains like the KTX or SRT, you can get to Seoul in an hour and Busan in two. Many of our students are “returnees” from North America, possessing strong English language skills. All of our students need to pass a stringent entrance test in order to be admitted to the academy. We are a close-knit campus currently employing 8 native English language instructors from North America.

Job Duties
• Teach and manage Early Childhood (6-7 year old Kindergarteners) and Elementary school students (Grades 1-5)
• Prepare for class using teaching materials provided by POLY
• Communicate with school managers regarding students’ classroom behavior and academic progress
• Grade and edit students’ works (homework, essays, vocabulary quizzes, etc…)
• Attendance of Saturday POLY Workshop held twice a year

Position Requirements
• English speakers of English from the United States or Canada (Gyopo included)
• Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
• Teaching experience not required but preferred
• Love of children a must
• Passion for education

• Monthly Pay: 2.6 million KRW start, but negotiable depending on experience
• Single furnished housing
• Round-trip airfare
• 10 paid POLY vacation a year in addition to national holidays set by POLY
• Severance bonus upon the completion of the 1-year contract
• Medical Insurance: 50% of National Insurance premium paid for by POLY
• Monthly contribution into the National Pension Fund

Contact Information
• Name: Ted Kim

Start date
End date