English Speaker Required for TEFL Job in South Korea

Far East, South Korea

Pyeongtaek English Education Center

Teaching Job Openings at Pyeongtaek University

1. Academic Positions
1) Position : Assistant Professor (Non-tenure track academic position)
2) Subject : EFL courses for college students
3) Appointment Date : March 2020

2. General Qualifications
1) Applicants must hold at least Master¡¯s degree in English, Humanities, or Education.
¨ç English speakers who are currently residing in Korea.
¨è English speakers who completed secondary and college education in the United States,
Britain, Austrailia, New Zealand, South Africa.
2) Applicants who have more than 2 years of English teaching experience (Preferred).
3) Applicants must be legally eligible to work at a private university in Korea.

3. Required Documents
A. Curriculum vitae, Cover letter, Teaching statement
B. Photocopies of all official degree certificates
C. Transcripts
D. A photocopy of the passport (the page with the photo of the applicant)
E. A photocopy of alien registration card

5. Evaluation Criteria and Process : Academic records and overall achievements will be evaluated.

6. Notification - The final candidates will be contacted personally by e-mail in Feb. 2020.

7. Things to Check Before Submitting Your Application
A. Incomplete applications will not be considered or accepted; once submitted, the application materials will not be returned.
B. Applicants are responsible for any false, deficient or incomplete documents.
C. Please fill out all information on the application form correctly.
**Note: Pyeongtaek University has the right to revoke faculty appointments resulting from deficient
information or false documents.

8. Additional Information
A. Teaching hours: 12 hours per week during Spring and Fall semesters
B. Salary : Approximately 30,000,000 KRW per annum

Start date
End date