English School in South Korea Needs an ESL Teacher

Far East, South Korea

Miltan English School

Full time, start date mid. Feb. 2020 (neg.), fixed term (1 year renewable)

Miltan English School
Incheon, Namdong-gu, Kanseok 1-dong 292-2
(032) 431 8600

Our school is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated English teacher. We provide new teaching staff with an effective induction into our community. We value and support all teachers. The successful applicant will join a well-resourced school where you will be valued for your expertise and passion. The position is suitable for beginning teachers.

Our school caters for students from Y1–6 (elementary) and Y1-3 (middle school). The role is to teach a schedule of classes between 2.30 pm (or 3.20 pm) and 10 pm. You will teach between 4 to 6 classes daily, Monday to Friday; the total week’s classes will not exceed 30. Class sizes are small, ranging from 6 to 12 students.

Start date for this position is during February 2020, by mutual agreement.


An above market salary (2.5 to 2.8 million KRW is indicated as a starting point; highly qualified applicants will enjoy remuneration commensurate with their value);
Single air tickets (to and from Korea) paid fully upfront;
Generous relocation fee for applicants within Korea already;
High quality apartment housing (rent free and fully equipped) in close proximity to the school;
Settlement allowance of $200 USD upon arrival;
Free dinner provided daily (made by the school’s amazing cook);
Contract completion bonus of an extra month’s salary after 12 months;
Resigning bonus and raise after a year’s contract;
Health insurance, pension contributions, vacation, and other benefits;
An employer who is willing to craft a package tailored to your specific aspirations.


Our school is located in central Incheon. It would suit someone interested in living in a wired and connected city environment. There are plenty of restaurants and nightlife within convenient access. Travel to anywhere within Korea is easy and inexpensive.

The school’s benefits package gives teachers the capacity to save a substantial portion of their income. As such, the position is well suited to someone with an interest in saving to fund further travel in Asia or elsewhere in the world, while also developing professionally as a teacher.


Miltan is a private educational organisation. Mr. David Moon and Mrs. Esther Ahn established the school in 2006. They have managed the school with the highest standards of business ethics comparable to their educational counterparts in Western countries. They have combined sound asset management with an openness to pedagogical innovation and successful retention of talent.

Many qualified teachers have worked at Miltan and helped to foster a stimulating teaching environment. Teachers are able to tailor materials to match student learning preferences. This includes task-based craft activities – for example, designing and building a model town; or writing a movie script and producing a film. This makes learning more organic and natural; consequently, the teaching experience is highly rewarding.


Please send your cover letter, CV and up to two letters of reference by email to:

Mr. David Moon
Miltan English School

In your cover letter, please indicate which factors about living in Korea interest you; whether you are interested in learning some Korean language and cultural norms; and tell us about who you are as a person.

You may direct enquiries via email prior to applying.

Applicants must hold citizenship and a degree from an English-speaking country – namely, the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Including evidence of citizenship such as a copy of the inside cover of your passport will strengthen your application.

The successful applicant will benefit from expert assistance in arranging the legal and practical aspects of his or her move to Korea. If you already have your Criminal Background Check and diploma with apostille, please send scanned versions of these with your original application.

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