TEFL Jobs in Saudi Arabia Teachers Needed

Middle East, Saudi Arabia

Shabaka Training

“We hire the best people regardless of credentials ” – Director.
Starting August 9, 2020
Shabaka Training has been teaching the Prep Year at King Faisal University, Hofuf for 11 years, a stable company with high teacher retention.
Please visit our website: www.shabakaprep.com (see Teacher Testimonials).
English Speakers only 

• BA + TEFL + 2 years classroom experience
• High Emotional Intelligence and People Skills
• Good Work Ethic
• Flexible, Easy Going, and Sense of humor
• Positive Attitude

Job Details:
1. 13-14 teaching contact hours, 3-4 hours of proctoring weekly tests, 10 office hours, 1-2 hours of staff meetings per week, 4-6 hours of grading/reporting.
2. No split schedule. Usually starting at 7:30am (earliest) and finished by 4:30pm (latest).
3. Saudi Work Visit Visa.
4. Multiple entry visa. You may exit KSA anytime. We’re near Bahrain for weekend escape.
5. Return airfare from major airport.
6. Transportation and airport pickup.
7. Single, non-shared, and fully furnished apartment on secure compound in city within walking distance to large shopping mall, grocery, pharmacy, etc.
8. Medical Insurance.
9. Paid holidays: approximately 30 days during the Academic year.
10. Transportation to/from work (15-20 mins across town by bus).
Please send the following:
1. One page CV with Education and Experience
2. Passport photo page

We expedite the hiring process. The Director will conduct an informal interview by skype, you can speak to a teacher here, and a hiring decision will be made within 3 days.

Start date
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