Teaching Adults in Myanmar as a TEFL Teacher

Far East, Myanmar

The American Institute

We are a small school which currently focuses on college preparation for Myanmar students who wish to study in the US and others who want to improve their English for professional reasons. We have helped over 50 students get to the US to study.

Since we hire US doctorate holders, our goal is to someday be a US university in SE Asia. American professors are getting tired of the trends of academic institutions in the US and seeking better. Here you can keep 100% of your grant money and conduct research without interference in a low-cost environment. Because of this we can have an opportunity at the best educators, which I believe we are the best in Myanmar.

We started business in April 2016 and have grown to have now 3 American teachers (including myself) and 1 Filipino teacher. One American is resigning and I need to replace him.

Please note, this listing is for an AMERICAN by native birth. I market and sell our accent to students who are seeking perfecting an American accent. The rate I charge students is dependent upon the rate/nationality I must pay the teacher. I do not currently have an opening for a Filipino; whose customers would pay a lower and thus receive a lower salary.

This position pays $1700 per month. 
You can choose a provided apartment or 300,000 MMK towards an apartment of your own. 
We will reimburse you $100 per month up to 6 months (up to $600) for your travel expense to move to Yangon. 
I have a pension fund, in which in your second year will start to accrue 10% of your salary.

Myanmar is a beautiful country that is very different from anywhere else in the world. The people are amazing and the vast ethnic diversity makes this a phenomenal place to live, which is very affordable. However, READ THIS: Myanmar, even in Yangon, is a very difficult place to live. There are very few conveniences. There is very little western food. The people do not understand western expectations. This is not Thailand. Healthcare is the worst in the world. If you have any health problems whatsoever, this is not the place for you. Things which are menial in the US become fatal here. If you have any health problems, the nearest adequate medical care is in Bangkok.

20 classroom hours per week. 
Standard work days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 9A-5P. 
You will have an additional 2 workdays of your choice per week for planning and possibly some tutoring if needed. 
Be prepared for a 40 hour work week.

You will need to teach: 
TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, 4 Skills, and general writing. We will make an additional 3-hour per week academic course based on your background. There is also an opportunity for a 2-hour per week Business English course if your background is relevant.

Our school is non-political and non-religious. We want to provide the best possible education to the students here to prepare them to study in the US. We have had over 50 of our students go to study in the US. We hire American academics to bring American education to Yangon at what we think is a fair cost.

I hire professional educators. If your background is adequate, it means that you are professional enough to manage your own curriculum. No administrator is qualified to tell a professor how to teach their academic specialty. This also means that you will not be handed a pre-written curriculum. You will need to create your curriculum and teach it in a manner that is compatible with your preferred teaching style. The only oversight will be to ensure professionalism.

If interested please send PROFESSIONAL resume.

If you cannot send a professional resume with your first contact, I am not interested in you. I shouldn't have to say this, but from experience I must. 

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