Teach English as a Foreign Language in Yangon, Myanmar

Far East, Myanmar

STARFISH Education

Mandalay and Yangon, Myanmar

Job Details and Benefits for Kaplan Test Preparation Courses & General English

The Teacher’s work will include, but shall not be limited to the following:

⎫ Teach Kaplan Test Preparation Courses (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT)
⎫ Teach General English Courses (Intermediate, Upper intermediate and Advanced Levels) in a classroom setting. This could also include one-to-one classes or off-site teaching (Corporates).
⎫ Provide students with individualized care and increase their motivation to learn.
⎫ Prepare lesson planning well (we have got full set of curriculum with Teacher’s Manuel and supplementary materials)
⎫ Monitor and comment on students’ performance and provide recommendations and feedback
⎫ Check homework
⎫ Take attendance for all classes taught and submit attendance records to management.
⎫ Be energetic and inspire the students to learn and care about their progress
⎫ Create classrooms to be interactive and safe learning environment

Required Degree and Experience:

⎫ Have a Bachelor Degree (any fields)
⎫ Have a 120 hour in-person teaching certificate (CELTA or TESOL or other relevant English language Teaching certificates)
⎫ At least 3 years of teaching experience with Communicative Teaching Method and Test preparation teaching experience
⎫ Enthusiastic, Responsible, Flexible, Good professional work ethics, Positive attitude
⎫ Willing to learn, give the best and ability to work with team

Salary and Benefits
⎫ Salary - US$ 1500 (during 3 months probation period)- $ 2,000 (after the probation period)
⎫ Bonuses on class continuation, class feedback and outstanding results
⎫ 44 hours per week (26 - 30 teaching contact hours).
⎫ Accommodation Provided (shared apartment)
⎫ Visa’s expenses (with travel expense cover for visa run to Bangkok every 70 days)
⎫ Paid public holidays (20 days)
⎫ Annual leave 10 days (can get after 6 months)
⎫ Bonuses on class continuation and class feedback
⎫ Airport pickup, welcome package with Myanmar SIM card, etc
Departure airfare refund after the fulfillment of 1 year contract

Contract period- 1 year (12 months and contract extendable)
Start Date: April 2020

Please attach 2 recommendation letters from two different employers, including the referral’s detail contact

Start date
End date