ESL Teacher Needed in Mexico

Central America, Mexico

Interlink English

Interlink English is looking for a qualified fluent English speaking teacher (4 year degree required, TEFL certificate a huge plus but not required with sufficient teaching experience) to join our team beginning on September 1st, 2019.

WHO WE ARE: A small language academy with a focus on fun in the classroom. The bulk of our students are ages 16-25 and come to us because they want to learn, not because their parents drop them off at our doorstep. Forget about classroom management sapping your energy and envision a classroom full of smiles and open minds! We also offer young learner classes in the early afternoons for children ages 6-8 and 9-13. Maximum class size for any age is 12 students making your teaching time far more beneficial for the students and relaxing for you!

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: A professional and experienced teacher with the desire to make learning interesting. We have a library of classroom materials and ready made lesson plans, but always encourage our teacher's to make the lessons their own as much as possible. The majority of classes for the current position are with young learners (9-12 years old), though we seek a person who is also excited to work with teens and adults. Creativity, patience, and dedication are qualities we cherish in a teacher.

WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: We offer $9,000 pesos per month for a maximum of 5 one-hour classes per day (Monday -Friday) with no split shifts. Saturday classes are paid additionally and at a time and a half rate of $150 per hour bringing monthly salary to $11,400. At the completion of a 12 month contract we offer a cash bonus of $5,000 Mexican Peso. Five weeks of paid vacation (2 for spring break, 2 for Christmas and 1 during summer) are included. We also pay all visa expenses at the completion of the first 12 month contract and pre-pay any additional contract visas. Furthermore, we offer the option of living in a semi-furnished apartment at the school with $2,000 being deducted from the monthly salary to ease your transition into town.

WHAT TUXTLA IS LIKE: Tuxtla is a safe city with very few foreigners which means your Spanish will truly take off. The city itself has all the comforts of home (4 movie theaters, Sam's Club, Starbucks and a variety of nightlife options) without taking away from the wonderful experience of living in beautiful Mexico. Day and weekend trips to quaint colonial towns, jungles ruin, and of course the beach are feasible and encouraged by our staff!

Interested applicants should e-mail a resume and a recent photo (a casual shot is just fine!) to the Academic Administrator, Tobin Hoffman to begin the process. Proof of undergraduate completion, letter of introduction and 2 professional letters of recommendation may be required after the initial filter.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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