English Teachers Required in Malaysia for TEFL Jobs

South East Asia, Malaysia

Awesome English Center

We are looking for an experienced English teacher to join our bright team. If you love English and have the ability to teach the language with patience and tact, let’s meet.

Your main goal will be to create a supportive learning environment which will help your students meet their learning goals. Through interesting and diverse methods, you’ll teach them the important rules of reading, writing, and speaking in English. You’ll oversee their progress by tracking their assignment and exam grades, in order to provide useful feedback.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Plan, prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes and age groups. Organize classroom teaching and coursework
  • Prepare materials and activities
  • Assign homework and interesting exercises
  • Identify students with special requirements and create individualized plans
  • Determine exam and assignment grades
  • Provide feedback based on workload and classroom behavior
  • Keep a record of students’ attendance and grades. mark and provide appropriate feedback on oral and written work
  • Research new language teaching methods
  • Manage classroom crises and resolve conflict
  • Discuss with student on their performance
  • Collaborate with teaching staff and Non-Academic Team to foster a good student experience
  • Undertake administrative tasks, such as keeping student registers and attendance records.
  • organize and get involved in social and cultural activities such as sports competitions, school parties, dinners and excursions
  • attend and contribute to training sessions
  • devise, write and produce new materials, including audio and visual resources
  • participate in marketing events for the language school

2. Job Competencies and Skills

  • List a descriptions of any additional skills and job competencies that needed for the job
  • Interacting Well with Students
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Good at Lesson Plan Design
  • Able to Use Varied Teaching Strategies
  • Able to Assess
  • Able to Identify Student Needs
  • Good at Communication
  • Able to Collaborate
  • Maintaining a Professional Appearance
  • Demonstrating a Commitment to the Profession

3. Qualifications and Work Experience

Indicate the educational qualifications & area of specialization

  1. BSc/BA in English Language or English Literature; MSc is a plus, Professional Certificate
  2. Previous experience as an English teacher
  3. Knowledge of various teaching methods
  4. Deep understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements
  5. Exceptional organizational and communication skills
  6. A patient and resilient personality
  7. Dedication to students and education
  8. Minimum 5 Year Experience
  9. Preferred industry exposure, eg. Education / School / Language Center
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