TEFL Jobs for Teacher of All Ages Required in Nagoya, Japan

Far East, Japan

Advantage English

Founded in Nagoya in 1996 and 2016, Advantage and LA Mode are accepting applications for native full-time English instructors to start in January and March 2020, in Nagoya, Japan.

Applicants should be experienced with all ages and also have the ability and desire to do studio work in front of a camera, as well as teach classes and teach online. (If you are not experienced but have a BA and are a native speaker, please apply. However the salary outlined below will be in the 240,000-260,000 range depending on the interview and any teaching certificates you hold. You do not need TESL, TEFL or CELTA to apply but if you do, that will also be taken into consideration to negotiate your salary. CELTA holders are given serious consideration. ) If you are skilled in public speaking and acting, also apply.

The salary reflects both teaching and studio ability. Training will be provided regardless of experience.

Sponsorship provided, One-year contracts are standard and renewable. All applicants must have a BA or higher and be native speakers.

260,000-290,000+yen per month (depending on qualifications and experience), 28 contact hours per week. Guaranteed salary is based on genuine ESL experience and qualifications. Applicants will be informed of the probable rate only if contacted for follow up and interview. We negotiate schedules, hours and salary for extremely capable applicants. Interviews are essential to determine and assess each candidate’s skill set and potential value to the company. Veteran Advantage/LA Mode teachers routinely are rewarded with more desirable work schedules and salary increases. All new teachers have a probation period of two months. During that time teachers must show that they are adept at using the Talk Advantage and Mode Talk English teaching methods. The method requires good listening skills and a strong command of simple, native English. Pronunciation practice and teaching practical, useful phrases are a staple of the method. Voice clarity is essential and public speaking type delivery is desired.

Instructors are off Sunday and Monday or Sunday and another day. All national holidays are paid off. Advantage English and LA Mode follows the rules and guidelines of the government labor offices for paid holidays.

Schedules include a wide mix, from babies to adults at the following locations and online: Issha, Motoyama, Hoshigaoka and Fujigaoka, all on the Higashiyama subway line, just minutes away from the station. Transportation is paid. Subway rides are short, sometimes only 5 min from station to station. All locations are in affluent neighborhoods with many shops, Starbucks and convenient stores in abundance.

The LA Mode position is for the new location in Takaoka, near Sakae in Nagoya. It's a beautiful new location and the teaching schedule is currently pretty light. LA Mode teachers will be expected to do trials for kids and adults. The manager is a very nice Japanese woman who speaks English well is very helpful.

One position at Advantage is at the Sakae school and the teacher there would mainly only teach at that location. The manager is very friendly, nice and helpful. She has 7 years experience with Advantage.

Teachers are expected to use the proven ‘Talk Advantage’ method for adults and 'Mode Talk' at LA Mode near Sakae in Nagoya. Most classes are small with five students maximum. For adults, texts are not allowed unless in certain situations. For kids, we use Let’s Go as our main kids text. Training is provided and an experienced Advantage / LA Mode teachers will gain access to countless future opportunities and have the confidence and ability to teach anywhere in the world, text free, simply by applying our methods. Teacher trainers are in demand. The methods we use are incredibly fun and teachers don't feel the boredom that may come with using texts. Student satisfaction is high because of the value packed into each lesson. Once a teacher gets comfortable with the method, the time to prep for classes decreases dramatically. Teachers share monthly lesson plans and most of the core topics are supplied by staff.

We have many teachers who stay on year and after year. We are fair and compensate for everything. Our turnover rate is less than 2% and the overwhelming majority of teachers finish contracts and desire to stay with us. Most of the staff practice self-management and hold themselves to high standards. We are growing and there is corporate and studio opportunity. There is also corporate opportunity for those who learn to speak Japanese well. The staff is well-balanced with women and men from USA, Canada and the UK. We have also had Australian and New Zealanders on staff and hire from any native speaking country. We are selective however and it's imperative to follow the directions when applying, regardless of your experience or credentials.

We have everything Tokyo and Osaka have but it's not as crowded and the cost of living is cheaper. All the schools are located in affluent areas. Japan is a fully developed and modernized country. The people are friendly, courteous and hardworking. It's very safe and people mind their own business in Nagoya. There is a vibrant expat community and lots of events are routinely going on. Applicants are encouraged to do research on the differences between Japan and other countries and we hope to hire those who choose to live and work in Japan, not for the money but for the great country that it is.

Please send the requirements stated below

1. resume including nationality
2. recent picture
3. Passport picture
4. Letters of reference or include a reference list with contact information
5. one minute selfie video introducing yourself to high-beginner ESL students.
6. cover letter

Thank you.

We also accept NNES (non native English speaker) applications as long as you are 'near native' and speak with a neutral accent. Visa sponsorship is only permitted for native speakers however, with a BA. This is standard not only in Japan but in China and many other countries. Again however, you don't need a TESL/ TEFL to get a visa in Japan.

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