Teach English as a Foreign Language in the Countryside of Japan

Far East, Japan

Takara English School

Japan - Countryside Full-time 100 Km north of Tokyo Sept 2020

Takara English School has two locations in the humble countryside north of Tokyo. One school is in the little town of Mashiko, which is world famous for pottery, and the other is nearby in a small city called Moka.

Our classes are mainly for elementary school kids, kindergarten students and Jr High school students. But, we also have some classes for adults and high school students as well. We also do live music programs for the kids at a kindergarten run by a Buddhist temple.

We are looking for an experienced, happy, friendly, positive, university graduate, to help us starting September, 2020.

What we are looking for…
• a BA (if you need us to sponsor your Visa)
• an English speaker
• someone who likes kids
• a good sense of humor 
• a good listener 
• loving to talk, talk, talk
• having many interests 
• caring about what other people think
• a non-smoker
• no criminal record
• a valid driver’s license preferred
• experience teaching EFL

We hope that you will send us…

• a resume
• a recent photo
• a letter telling us about you and perhaps why you want to teach with us

Our full-time position’s pay starts at 240,000 Yen a month.

We can sponsor your visa, and get you settled into an apartment furnished by us.
We want to make your time in Japan fun and interesting and we will do our best to help you enjoy being here.
By the way, responding to our ad is free. We posted this ad on “Dave’s ESL Cafe” and some other free web sites. You don’t have to sign into any site to respond to our ad.
We are in a pretty rural part of Japan, despite its proximity to Tokyo. Of course, our area has its excitement, but there isn’t a big, random, party scene here.

Our situation would be best for someone who likes countryside living, and it might be really perfect for someone who is interested in pottery, craft fairs, countryside cafes and playing music, since our town is well known for that kind of stuff.

If you think that this looks like a good situation for you, please send us some information about yourself. If you can, please include information about your BA and your teaching skills. Send us your resume, and your picture, and tell us something about who you are or what you’ve been up to, or what you are looking for.

We want to reply to everyone who contacts us, but, if you do not have the qualifications we are looking for, we will not respond. If you do meet our requirements, don’t worry if we take a little time to get back to you - our priority has to be teaching our students.

Hopefully we can do an interview by Skype with you soon.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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