Teach English as a Foreign Language in Japan

Far East, Japan

Omni International

Omni International English School, Narita Japan 
Responsibilities and Compensation

No experience is necessary. 
This is a great opportunity to see the world, experience a new culture.

At Omni we have our own curriculum and train you to teach conversational English to all ages.

All that is required is the ability to follow directions and respect our training and teaching format.

You need to be energetic, enthusiastic, flexible with a sense of humor and team work. Also you must have a love for people and the ability to work with children as well as adults.

1. College Graduate with minimum Bachelor Degree. 
2. International Driverfs license. 
3. Pay 250000 yen monthly. 
4. Omni will be sponsor of your work Visa. 
5. Paid Spring, Summer and Winter Holiday days off. 
6. Comprehensive paid training 
7. Starting from August 1st or September 1st. 
8. 40 hour 5 day work week with 25 hours being gin class teachingh. The remainder of work time is for lesson preparation and for general help with the maintenance of the school. 
9. We help you find the apartment that you approve of and help with the realtor.

Please send an e-mail with CV/Resume and Two Recent Photoes(one face shot and one full length body shot) to Noriyo Matsumaru.

Hello from Omni International English School, in Narita Japan. We are a small family owned school with 31 years of teaching English. A more relaxed atmosphere than the Big Corporate schools in Japan.

We are recruiting fluent English speakers from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK for a minimum one year contract with renewals possible accompanying a renewal bonus.

We are so happy that you are interested in us. Our philosophy is that, gLearning English is for all agesh. In fact we offer classes to children as young as two, through kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high and adults of all ages.

Narita Japan and Omni are located just one hour from the heart of downtown Tokyo, two hours from world class snow boarding mountains and one hour from the beaches where the 2020 Olympics Surf competition will occur. There lot of grocery stores and malls within walking distance. Because Omni is close to the Narita International Airport, we live and work in a very 
International city with people, food and restaurants from around the world.

Apply TODAY 

Narita is home of the Narita Temple which is 1180 years old. Very famous and beautiful and only a 5 minute walk from our school. We have four mild seasons in Narita, with beautiful leaves changing in the Fall and Cherry Blossoms in the Spring and with an occasional light snow in the Winter. During your year teaching with Omni you will have plenty of time to travel and enjoy your time in beautiful Japan.

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