TEFL Volunteers Needed to Teach in Honduras

Central America, Honduras

Smart Kids Academy

Recent undergraduates needed to work at one of two bilingual schools, teaching grades pre-K to 9th. The position is to begin August 2019. Though all Teachers are required to use textbooks and syllabi for each class as a guide, Teachers are most importantly encouraged to use their own teaching styles, methods, ideas and creativity for their classes. Teachers have the freedom to design and conduct lessons as they see appropriate using skills, knowledge, and personal qualities to develop lessons.

All teachers are responsible for the following:

  • Creation of class lesson plans based on the recommended textbooks, and creation of syllabi for each class
  • Development, assignment, and grading of daily homework, quizzes and projects 
  • Development and grading of quarterly study guides and quarterly exams 
  • Recording of attendance, homework, participation and behavior, quizzes and projects and quarterly exams 
  • Meet with parents when requested

Our institution runs Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 1:45 PM. Teachers must be at school by 6:45 AM and stay until the end of the school day. Most teachers find that they have to stay later to plan lessons, grade, or t

Free housing and biweekly stipend are provided. Honduras is a beautiful country that you will have the opportunity to travel during weekends and holidays, as well as the rest of Central America

Relative freedom to develop your own lesson plans and teaches creatively following the school's curriculum. We are located at San Pedro Sula with a population of 1,000,000 and are located very close to the world famous Mayan ruins at Copan, Pulhapanzak water falls ,Yojoa Lake and much more. A safe environment, fantastic setting, friendly local community, great weather, and close distance to tourist attractions. It is also the perfect chance to improve your Spanish!

We offer a monthly stipend of USD 400$ to those staying a full school year which more than covers ordinary living costs and also 300$ reimburse for airfare allowance . Volunteer housing with wifi water and electricity and room is provided in rented homes in the city. Private transportation to and from the Villeda Morales International Airport (San Pedro Sula) is provided. Our staff will work with volunteers to facilitate all Honduran requirements, as well as personal volunteer needs.

Open to any one that speaks English fluently. You need to be positive, flexible, sensitive to cultural expectations, open minded, and able to make the most of minimal resources. Great chance to put your teaching skills to the test. Spanish language intermediate its ok cause the kids just can speak spanish. A wonderful opportunity to live abroad and experience life in Honduras for a year!

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