ESL Volunteer Teaching Roles

Central America, Honduras

Beca Schools

Beca Schools

For the 2020-2021 school year, our one-year teaching commitment begins in July 2020 and ends in June 2021. Teachers have a holiday break from approximately Dec. 20 until Jan. 6.  All volunteer positions teach elementary to middle school grades (grades K-9th).   Some positions might require teaching a mix of grades and/or subject areas. 

•    Facilitate relationships with parents and other community members
•    Lesson-plan and teach in English all subject areas with the exception of Español and Estudios Sociales
•    Foster a safe and productive classroom environment for students
•    Serve as a Lunch/Recess monitor
•    Support your fellow teachers in school and at home
•    Serve as an ambassador for BECA by helping to spread the word about our work through your various networks

•    Maintain attendance records for all students in your homeroom
•    File a copy of your weekly lesson plans
•    Provide the Administration with a copy of your weekly class schedule
•    Sign Attendance Book upon entering/leaving school each day (required by law)
•    Ensure the classroom is ready for students at the beginning of each school day
•    Attend all teacher meetings
•    Keep the Administration informed of any problems or concerns (disciplinary or otherwise) you are having with students
•    Keep student files updated with the necessary information
•    Keep the office informed of extended absences of students

•    Grade exams
•    Collect performance grades from other teachers and prepare Bimester report cards
•    Fill out electronic and hard-copy versions of the grading spreadsheet

•    Plan and organize extracurricular activities for students
•    Attend Association of Parents Meetings (at the discretion of Administrator)
•    Participate in fundraising efforts to support BECA's program costs

•    A commitment to BECA's mission and a dedication to social justice
•    Fluency in English
•    Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
•    Capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
•    Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment under challenging living conditions

While BECA asks for a one-year commitment from our volunteer teachers, we actively encourage teachers to consider returning following their initial year with us. BECA recognizes that there are huge benefits to teachers returning for a second year. Returning teachers are much more effective in the classroom thanks to their previous year's experience. Just as importantly for a community school model like ours, returners serve as a bridge between new teachers and the community, helping new team members adapt to their roles much more quickly than they otherwise would. Second-year teachers are offered a monthly stipend, which is designed to cover all out-of-pocket expenses that a volunteer might incur during their time with BECA.

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