Teach English Online for a Canadian Group

North America, Canada

CNK English

As an online English teacher, you will be leading the conversation, correcting the students, encouraging them to speak more frequently, and let them enjoy a positive learning experience in your class.

• Teaching one on one online.
• 28 minutes or 58 minutes per each class.
• Correcting the students during the class.
• This is a freelance job. You can teach as many hours as you want, it’s up to you.

• Teach at home! or anywhere with quiet surroundings.
• Flexible Schedule. Use your free time to teach students.
• No minimum hours, nor maximum hours.
• No need for commuting. Saves your time and money.
• Weekly payment via an effective method.

• Fluent in English 
• Completion of primary and middle school in North America.
• Punctual and professional.
• Strong communication skills.
• Schedule oriented.
• Able to type fast in class to correct students.

Additional Prerequisites:
• A computer/laptop with a headset, webcam, as well as a strong Internet connection.
• A Paypal account with your full name.
• A Skype account.
• A spreadsheet software. (Libre Office, Google Spreadsheets, MS Office, etc.)
• A copy of your ID card. (Passport, Driver’s license, etc.)
• Quiet working environment.


– Do I need to speak some Korean to teach English?
No, Korean students want to study English in English. So the class can be conducted only in English 100 percent.

– Are there teaching materials that teachers can use?
Yes, we have various PDF ebooks that are free to use.

– What devices are required?
A computer/laptop with a headset, webcam, as well as a strong Internet connection.

– How often do I get paid? Is it weekly or monthly? What is the payment procedure I must follow?
We pay weekly. Teachers send weekly teaching hours to the manager every week. (EST)

– What are the time slots that I can teach?
Our peak times are Monday to Friday at 6~10a.m. / Sunday to Thursday 5~9p.m. (EST). Normally mornings (EST)are more popular than evenings. We have more students at that time period so it is easier to get more students if your mornings are available.

– Do I need a bachelor’s degree to be a teacher for CNK English?
No, we have many teachers who are university students. If you meet the requirements, a degree is not required.

Freelance wage:

Canadian Dollar :

$14-15CAD per each 58min class ($7-7.5CAD per each 28min class)

US Dollar:

$10.4-11USD per each 58min class ($5.2-5.5USD per each 28min class)

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