University Executive Dean

Middle East, Qatar

Job Purpose
The role of the Executive Dean shall be to establish the College as the preferred institution to pursue vocational education in the State of Qatar. The Executive dean will also have to the overall responsibility for, and oversight of, all academic and curriculum matters concerning the College, in particular the core educational issues of teaching and learning. The Executive dean will also play a pivotal role in ensuring that the College is well-respected and has a sound relationship with the educational authorities. The Executive dean will also have responsibility for ensuring continued development and growth of the College, expansion of the academic offerings and development of international partnerships.

  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning: 
  • Student Relations
  • Staffing

The Organisation
Supporting and promoting the relationship between the College and the Group, including by:
Working collaboratively with the Group CEO and the Group Executive Team, to ensure that the Group’s vision and values are clearly articulated, shared understood and acted upon effectively by all Group members
Working within the College community to translate the Group vision for the College into agreed objectives and operational plans which will promote and sustain improvement
Embracing the Group vision and values and incorporating them into everyday work and practice
Providing strategic advice and support to the Group Executive with a view to strengthening academic performance, driving school improvement and improving educational delivery ensuring the strategic provision of support and resources
Promoting the sharing of best practices across the Group
Additional Responsibilities
As the senior member of the College’s Executive, participating in the management of the College, including by:
Contributing to the development of its annual business and budget planning cycle.
Facilitating cultural and business change as outlined in its Strategic Plan
Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and legal arrangements, supported by the provision of services provided by the Group; and
Deputizing for the Director of Education as necessary
Representing the College and Group at external and internal events
Maintaining effective relationships with local, regional and national agencies, developing appropriate external relations with other providers and customers and representing the College in external discussions as appropriate.
A strong personal commitment to the Group vision and mission for the Education Cluster
Ability to develop, implement and oversee programs related to the Group Education Cluster missions, vision, and philosophy
Proven experience in Education management, oversight and establishing new campuses.
Strong facilitation and group leadership skills
A familiarity with and understanding of the challenges of education provision in the Middle East.
The ability to conceive, develop and complete tasks without close supervision
Good organizational and interpersonal skills.
Strong presentation, oral and written communication skills.
Strong supervisory and budget development and monitoring skills.
The ability to manage multiple tasks
An understanding of human relations programming assessment and measurement tools.
Computer competency and proficiency in Windows/Microsoft Office environment
Master’s degree, PhD or equivalent
Minimum of 10 years’ experience as executive dean (in a well-known University) and work in the fields of education and/or organizational development

Start date
End date