Reception Teacher

Far East, China

Reception Teacher - August Start Date.

International Teaching Job in China, Beijing. Teaching Abroad in China for August.

Many people have reservations with regards to pollution in Beijing and this certainly should be something you consider before applying. That said although they do have some very bad days with pollution these are far outweighed by the number of amazing Beijing blue sky days. It is largely to do with climate - so long as there is some wind from the north or west, Beijing is pollution free.

Beijing is incredibly safe, hugely rich in culture and history, as well as modern entertainment, and most UK teachers find that they can save a very significant amount of money living there, whilst being in a terrific hub city to visit the whole of Asia.

This British International School in Beijing require an EYFS Reception teacher to commence employment January. This is a British International School that follows the National Curriculum and has UK trained teaching and leadership staff.

You will need to hold a formal teaching qualification and have at least 2 years teaching experience post qualification in order to satisfy the work visa criteria for China.

If you are interested and available for January, please apply today with an up to date CV.


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