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In recent years Qatar – and the Middle East in general – has opened itself up to the wider world like never before. As the country looks to build its global reputation, this also means it is continually on the lookout for overseas teachers willing to move to the country and offer their services to the education system. In this article we provide details about the teacher salary in Qatar, along with important information about insurance, banking and healthcare options.

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Teaching in Qatar salary and earnings guide

Before you start applying for jobs, you will want to know the going rate for a teacher salary in Qatar so you can see what is reasonable and realistic. Below is a comparison of salaries from around the world, so you can see how pay compares to Qatar. We have taken two examples by two levels of education teaching.

Primary school teacher salary in Qatar

Qatar 108,090 QR/£24,000
Singapore S$57,868/approx. £32,900
Abu Dhabi 137,137 AED/ £30,000
Dubai 97,861 AED/ £21,500
China 221,193 Yuan/ £25,000
UK £26,000

Secondary school teacher salary in Qatar

Qatar 130,200 QR/£29,000
Singapore S$59,622/approx. £33.900
Abu Dhabi 130,660 AED/ £28,800
Dubai 111,479 AED/ £24,500
China 249,369 Yuan/ £28,500
UK £29,625

Of course, these are average salaries to show you the general level of pay in Qatar. Your level of experience, the job role, location, subject and school will all have a significant influence on the salary available to you. Please inquire with the school or recruiter when looking at teaching jobs in Qatar.

Many international schools in Qatar are also likely to offer accommodation either onsite, or as a subsidy that can be used to cover rent costs. It is important to find out if this is included in your package, as accommodation costs are usually the largest outgoing each month, and this being taken care of, or reduced, will give a greater context to the salary being offered.

Average salaries for subject teachers

To give you an idea of the average Qatar teacher salary rates you could enjoy, below is a table that breaks down the teacher salary in Qatar for some of the most sought after positions:

Maths 135,400 QR/approx. £30,000
English 152,911 QR/ £33,800
Science 132,000/ £29,000
ICT 135,400/ £30,000
History 147,600/£32,700

Taxes for foreigners in Qatar

By far one of the biggest benefits of a teacher salary in Qatar is that your earnings are totally tax-free salary. If you also factor in potentially free housing and other benefits that could be included in your teaching package, this adds up to a very attractive opportunity.

Qatar is one of the few remaining tax-free countries in the world, with no Value Added Tax (VAT), income tax, capital tax or wealth tax system currently in place for residents. The country is under pressure from some of its neighbours to introduce a VAT system, so this could change in years to come. But as it stands currently, your teacher salary in Qatar is tax-free. So there will only be one column on your payslip each month, with zero deductions taken out.

Insurance for foreigners in Qatar

If you wish to drive in Qatar you must have an insurance policy with at least third party liability, which will provide cover for damage and injury claims made by third parties. The school you are working for may offer a contribution-based life insurance scheme, as there is not a country-wide social security programme currently in Qatar. A private insurance plan will be able to provide cover for unemployment and disability benefits, while private pension schemes will offer contribution towards retirement.

Healthcare for foreigners

All residents in Qatar have access to the public healthcare system via their healthcare card. Qatar is funded by its oil wealth, which ensures medical facilities in the country are of a very high standard. The healthcare card costs around QR100 (around £22 as of April 2020) and gives you access to the 12 public hospitals and 27 regional centres across Qatar. You can find a map of all the health centres here. This will give you a subsidised rate for the treatment required.

Private healthcare is another option open to expats and the expanding industry in the country also means the range of options available continue to increase. The largest private hospitals in Qatar are:

The cost for using these services will depend on the company and package you take up, as well as the type of care required. And, of course, the teacher salary in Qatar you receive from the school will also dictate the level of coverage you pay for each money.


Banking for foreigners

The banking industry in Qatar is overseen by the Qatar Central Bank, with some of the more popular commercial banks in Qatar including:

If you receive an offer from a school in Qatar, be sure to check if they will set up a bank account on your behalf and find out more details about the organisation to ensure it offers the benefits you need. You will be able to change at any time, but you may find it more convenient to stick with the bank provided for you.

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