The Best Online Teaching Resources

Andrew Lynch

Anyone in the teaching profession will tell you that classroom teaching is only part of their job. Hours are put into planning, paperwork, marking and assessment. Finding the best resources is an essential part of the job to keep your lessons current and to ensure they are consistently at a good to outstanding level, but where can the best teaching resources be found online?


Fear not Teaching Abroad have five of the very best listed below:


TES – Teaching Resources, boasting 700,000+ resources created by teachers for teachers this is about as comprehensive as it gets for both Primary & Secondary teaching resources.



Plazoom – This is  brand new platform aimed at the primary curriculum covering EYFS, KS1 & KS2. Resources are professionally made and affordable to purchase.



Primary Resources – Established in 1998 this website provides free lesson plans, ideas and resources for primary teachers (as you may expect from the name!)  Documents are easily downloadable as pdf’s and what’s not to like when its free?



Teaching Ideas – Aimed at UK teachers, Teaching Ideas contains thousands of classroom activity ideas, photos and resources that are easily downloadable. Although primarily aimed at the primary age range some resources are suitable for secondary too.



BBC Bitesize - Although this is designed as a revision guide to help students with homework and learning there are some great ideas that you can utilise in the classroom for both primary & secondary.


Make your lessons outstanding with the best online teaching resources.

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