Teaching TEFL Jobs Available in Taiwan (Couples and Singles)

Far East, Taiwan

ESL Job Taiwan

Welcome single and couples to teach us

Now we need a teacher to teach in Xiyin,Taipei city ASAP. 
Mon to Fri hours 
600-650NTD an hour 
20-25 hours a week teaching kids

Teaching kids English in Taiwan,hiring couple ,single teachers immediately and all year round

We have many teaching jobs open, especially in New Taipei city 
and in central Taiwan, such as Taichung and Changhua area, 
we also have jobs open in Tainan too, 
for more job info ,please read below

We can place couples or single teachers ASAP. 
Please email us for a job lined up before you come

or face to face interviews.

Also, the easiest way to become TEFL certified for more job chances, 
Many schools only hire TEFL teachers.

We work with a few schools here to help recruit. 
Schools pay us to recruit and teachers do not pay us for our service. 
We need a couple to teach in Changhua city ASAP, full time, 
also one in Yuanlin,Changhua 
We need a teacher to teach in Linkou,New Taipei city ASAP. 
for more details,please read below. We have a few jobs open.

Many Awesome teaching job open all year round ,teaching in Taiwan,please email 
and Skype for more job information, hiring couple and single teachers ASAP 
Teachers do not pay for our service. 
We are hired by schools to help recruit.

We can try to get you jobs lined up prior to your arrival 
or get you interviews as you are already in Taiwan. 
Applicants must be native English speakers holding a passport of an English speaking country and have a degree or 2 year college diploma. 
Our labor unit requires the latest national police check for the work permit. 
Usually the police check has to be done with the fingerprints.

Many jobs open and just email us at [email protected] 
with your photo,resume 
to discuss further. Thank you!!!

We can help you get a job lined up before you come 
or you can do a face to face interview as you are in Taiwan. 
Please be free to email any questions with your resume. 
We can try to get you a job suitable for you. 
all jobs provide work permits and curriculum and some training.

1.Now we need 4 teachers to teach 16-20hr a week to start 
in Sanchong,New Taipei city,welcome couples. 
Only Mon to Fri hours teaching kids, 600-650NTD an hour


We can hire a couple ASAP 
Teaching kids English in Changhua city

Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week 
Monday to Friday hours only .600-650per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at [email protected]


Teaching in Yuanlin,Changhua

Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week But now we also have morning camp. 9-11:30 am Monday to Friday.600-650per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at [email protected] 
Teaching in east district,Tainan city 
Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week But now we also have morning camp. 9-11:30 am Monday to Friday.600-650per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at [email protected] 

Teaching jobs open in Shalu,Beitun in Taichung city 
2 full time jobs, 
Mon to Fri work 
600 NTD an hour, 20-25hr a week 

Teaching kids in Hsinchu city

Mon to Fri afternoon evening hours, 20-25hr a week 
600-650NTD an hour 
Teaching kids in Keelung city, 
Mon to Fri hours 
15-20 hours a week 
600-700 NTD an hour


can you teach 7-12 ages here? school in Zhonghe ,New Taipei city 
Their hours are 4 weekdays,afternoon,evening hours. 
and Sat hours, Sat may include morning afternoon 
but you have 2 days off, 1 is Sunday, the other is a weekday off. 
That owner has 2 branches, Zhonghe and Yonghe,New Taipei city. 
You 'll teach for these 2 branches nearby. 
600 -650per hour depending on teaching skill 
at least 20-25hr a week


Can you apply? Teaching jobs open in northern Taiwan . If you prefer morning afternoon hours and Monday to Friday only , please apply. Teaching kids Monday to Friday mostly morning afternoon hours. Maybe 1-2 weekday early evening to 7-7:30 pm depending on the total teaching hours . We have enough hours usually around 30-33 teaching hours a week . Pay 55000-70000ntd a month based on the hours you have . We have branches in Tucheng, New Taipei City needing 2 teachers , Linkou , New Taipei City , needing 2-3 teachers, also Taoyuan city , Zhongli and Hsinchu city needing 1 teacher. Starting mid August . Work permit , curriculum offered. Will help you find a place to rent. One year contract .

This is the only job with housing!! 
jobs in Miaoli county 
the formal 5 day training 
you can teach in Toufen and Zhunan town of Miaoli county 
we can hire 1-2 teachers. 
we offer free housing, no rent 
they provide work permit,help you rent a place 
your rent is 5000-7500NTD a month 
offer training,orientation

at least 80 teaching hours a month, usually more 
7-12 ages

Mon to Fri work only between 2-9pm 
1 year job 
language school in Zhubei,Hsinchu, a modern area

we welcome experienced,friendly,easy going,responsible teachers

Mon to Fri work.hours between 1:30-7:30pm or so,

usually you only spend 5-6 hours at work a day but we pay a stable salary

and we allow you to teach for others in your spare time

but you have to stick to our teaching time table 1st.

you must do lesson plans well but you do not have to do long office hours.

as long as you prepare well,you only have to be at school 30 minutes early before the class start. if your class starts 4pm,you get to work at 3:30pm but

we pay a steady monthly salary of 65000NTD.

you have 80-100 teaching hours a month,but not more than 100.

;students of 5-12 year old kids.

class size: 10-20

Work permirt,health insurance offered.


Job in Keelung city

about 20-25hours a week to start ,we guarantee 80 teaching hours a month

and can gradually increase to 25 hours a week

based on your teaching ability.

Mon to Fri work.hours between 2-9pm or so,

you must do lesson plans well

you have at least 80teaching hr a month

600NTD an hour 
job in Jiayi city

we can hire a couple

The female teacher will be full time in Kindergarten, and the male teacher will be in Kindergarten from 8:30am to 12:00 and 5:00pm to 8:00 for the elementary.

daytime work mostly,Mon to Fri between 9AM-5:30pm or so

you do lesson plans,grade homework..teach..etc.

pay-57000NTD a month

kid age 4-12

1 year job,we have curriculum,an assistant in class

20-30 teaching hr a week

we give a work permit,can help you find a place to rent

class size-15-20

set materials ;

jobs in Taipei,Taoyuan, Hsinchu,Miaoli,Taichung,Zhanghua ,Yunlin,Jiayi city,Tainan,Kaohsiung,Pingdong areas

especially , we need 2 teaching in Banqiao city,Taipei county or Taoyuan city,

Zhanghua city or teaching in Toufen town,Miaoli county, Daya town,Taichung county ;we welcome couples to apply to work at the same area,school

job in Zhanghua city now.

the boss has a branch in Taichung so you have to be transferred to teach in Taichung city if the boss requires you to move there

but basically you will teach in Zhanghua city now;

you have to agree to teach in Taichung if required.

Zhanghua city and Taichung city is only 15 minute train ride

At least 80 teaching hours a month

Job in Taoyuan city

There will be about 15~20 students for a class.

Joining the class activities on Saturday twice a semester is required.

**The teacher will have 3~4 weeks of vacation in a year and the reported working hours may be reduced for filing tax.

**Please note that NTD 65000/month is the salary only for afternoon work (about 29 hours). If the teacher may work for another 10-18 hours in the evening monthly, he/she will gain additional pay for about NTD5000~8000 a month. 
Teaching kids in Fongshan,Kaohsiung

Mon to Fri hours afternoon evening hours 
about 50000NTD a month

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