Principal Middle/High School

Middle East, Qatar

Qatar Leadership Academy

Qatar Leadership Academy

1. Job Details:
Job Title: Principal Reports to: Director / Executive Director

2. Job Purpose:
To lead and oversee the operations and administration of a school.

3. Job Dimensions: Key facts and figures which give an indication of the scope and scale of the job.
Annual Operating Budget/Project Budget/Sales Revenue: varies
Number of Staff Supervised: varies Direct Reports: varies Contractor/Others: varies

4. Key Result Areas:

  • Oversee school operations to ensure that activities align with school objectives
  • Provide recommendations to the Director on the selection, assignment, transfer or termination of employees to ensure the availability of required talent to achieve the school's objectives
  • Supervise, direct, and evaluate assistant principals, faculty, and staff, and recommend rewards and promotions based on performance
  • Help develop and implement faculty professional development activities to improve teaching and learning
  • Collaborate with Coordinators and the Director to develop and improve the school's educational programs with regard to curriculum and teaching quality, and recommend improvements
  • Oversee development, implementation and delivery of the school curriculum
  • Oversee student programs, including field trips, clubs, sports, after-school programs extracurricular activities, and specialty programs and ensure alignment with school objectives
  • Oversee coordinators and lead teachers and the programs pertaining to their division
  • Monitor and evaluate data regarding student academic performance
  • In coordination with the Director and Business Manager, participate in annual budget planning and oversee administration of the school budget
  • Oversee and supervise students' behavior through the development and implementation of school-wide rules and regulations to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment
  • Maintain open communications with parents to communicate the school program, address any concerns, and meet the needs of individual students
  • Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor

5. Operating Environment, Framework & Boundaries:

  • The majority of work is carried out in a standard school environment.

6. Communications and Working Relationships:

  • School Director – regular contact to keep informed of projects and issues, and to receive guidance and approvals
  • Faculty and staff – frequent contact to provide oversight, guidance, assistance, encouragement, and approvals; to receive information and concerns; to ensure that teaching & learning occur as planned; to support the school community; and to ensure the best possible teaching and learning environment
  • Parents and guardians – contact as needed to address student issues, exchange information, build relationships, and provide support
  • Students – frequent contact to build relationships and ensure appropriate behavior

7. Problem Solving & Complexity:

  • Evaluates, compares and relates information from across the business
  • Identifies broader implications of proposed solutions across the organization
  • Uses own experience and evidence from theory, other industries and technologies to identify problems and understand situations
  • Reviews existing policy to enable effective problem solving and judgment by the team

8. Decision-Making Authority & Responsibility:

  • Exhibits sound judgment to anticipate potential implications of all decisions; balances benefits and risks and identifies areas of uncertainty
  • Evaluates information by penetrating questions, thus ensuring complete information is available to make an informed decision
  • Arrives at well-researched decisions that balance quality service and cost
  • Encourages and supports appropriate risk taking by subordinates when making decisions

9. Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field
  • Post Graduate Qualification in Education, Educational Leadership, or other relevant field preferred
  • 8 years of full-time work experience in Education
  • Experience with accreditation and authorization processes preferred
  • Knowledge and mastery of research-based best educational practices
  • Knowledge of educational theory and best practices related to models of curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessments
  • Able to use technology as a teaching tool, an information tool, and communication tool in the process of teaching and learning
  • Outstanding interpersonal, negotiation, communication, and classroom management skills
  • Outstanding time management and planning skills
  • Excellent writing skills, with the ability to draft and edit a variety of written reports and communications and articulate ideas clearly and concisely; proficiency in Arabic an advantage
  • Proficiency in Office applications, curriculum mapping software, student management systems, grade reporting, enrollment, attendance, scheduling, and grade reporting software


GBP £2900 
Basic salary plus transportation allowance between GBP £2900 per month tax free and GBP £3786 per month Tax free Stipends provided for additional responsibilities such as Head of Department.

Fully furnished apartment provided and utilities paid.

End of Service Bonus
One month's basic salary for each completed year of service based upon final monthly basic salary.

Economy class tickets in connection with annual leave to the nearest international airport in your home country, and one way Economy class ticket at the start and end of the contract.
Transport Allowance paid with the monthly salary.

Education for Dependents
Education assistance for up to 4 children from the age of 3-18 or until completion of high school.

Medical Cover
Full medical cover provided and 85% dental.

Start date
End date