College Counsellor

Middle East, Qatar

Qatar Academy - Sidra

Qatar Academy - Sidra

The successful candidate will be able to provide comprehensive counseling services to all students to increase academic, career and personal/social development which empowers students to understand, research and plan for their own post-secondary outcomes.

Key Result Areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct structured, goal-oriented sessions in a systematic response to students experiencing personal, social, behavioral or family to meet the student’s developmental, preventative, and remedial needs.
  • Be instrumental in helping guide students in developing and implementing their post-secondary plan.
  • Assume active role in developing and implementing proactive systems to support student placement, adjustment and transitions across school programs (i.e. MYP to DP, new students, etc.).
  • Development and deliver curricular activities within the realm of personal and social educational classes.
  • Conduct student career planning activities.
  • Assume active role in standardized testing as need (i.e. PSAT, etc.).
  • Develop and enhance parental involvement through workshops, trainings, presentations as related to DP and college application and entrance processes.
  • Schedule and coordinate university presentations and visitations for student access.
  • Represent Qatar Academy Sidra through university/college networking activities.
  • Able to assess and develop effective student goal-oriented academic achievement plans for “at-risk” students.
  • Provide professional development activities for staff that align with school mission statement.
  • Participate in the annual assessment of the school counseling program utilizing data to support program development to meet student needs.
  • Summarize annual data related to student college entrance/acceptance rates.
  • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions as needed.
  • Conduct post graduation follow ups gathering data of student post-secondary success.
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