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Far East, Hong Kong

South Island School

South Island School

South Island School seeks to appoint an outstanding Teacher of History to teach at IGCSE and IB Diploma level, with the possibility of also teaching MYP Individuals and Societies. Previous experience of any or all of these curricula would be an advantage, though this is not essential for an teacher with the right overall skills set.

The successful applicant will be a highly skilled teacher, with the ability to motivate, inspire and engage with students in creative and innovate ways, both within and outside the classroom – with the overall goal of ensuring excellent educational outcomes for our students. He or she will also be a tutor, as well as contributing widely to the extra-curricular life of the school. The position will be a full-time renewable contract for an initial two year period from August 2020. Support with obtaining Hong Kong residence will be provided if necessary. See ESF Terms and Conditions. for further details of the package.

The Role

Teachers at SIS are expected to be committed and flexible. Regular duties include:
• Planning lessons to meet each student’s individual learning needs and ensure excellent outcomes, in line with our Schemes of Learning;
• Using a range of appropriate strategies for positive classroom management, including the use of flexible groupings and structured inquiry, in line with the IBO philosophy;
• Using a range of well-considered resources, including digital technologies, to enhance learning;
• Maintaining a well organised and stimulating learning environment;
• Assessing students in relation to agreed learning outcomes, and providing clear and constructive feedback to students and their parents, using agreed South Island School reporting systems;
• Working closely with the Individuals and Societies faculty on future developments;
• Working as a tutor for a group of students, within the Pastoral Learning Curriculum;
• Engaging actively with the Values in Action and Making a Difference extra-curricular programmes.

South Island School

South Island School (SIS) opened in 1977, initially as an annex of Island School, before moving to our current site on Nam Fung Road in 1983. Today, SIS is a thriving and highly successful member of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), with over 1400 students covering the full secondary age range from Year 7 to Year 13. In addition to working closely with the ESF, SIS is governed by our School Council and also has a very active PTA.

SIS has recently introduced the IB MYP programme to Years 7-9, with the programme reaching Year 9 for the first time in September 2019. Our Years 10-11 curriculum consists mainly of (I)GCSE courses, with a small number of other courses also offered. In Years 12-13, our students study for the IB Diploma (IBDP) or IB Career-related Programme (IBCP). The vast majority of SIS students successfully achieve their university or further education ambitions, with destinations regularly including top universities in Hong Kong, the UK and the USA, as well as other overseas destinations.

Pastorally, the school is divided into three learning families. Family Bauhinia meets the transition needs of students in Years 7-8 when they transfer to us from their Primary school, and these year-groups have their own dedicated Heads of Year. In Year 9, students transfer to Family Bamboo or Family Banyan and also join one of six houses, which are named Bahay, Casa, Kuca, Maison, Namas and Shtepi. All teachers are tutors, and are actively involved in our Pastoral Learning Curriculum (PLC). Our well-being team also includes school counsellors and a school nurse.

The academic and pastoral curricula are complimented by our Values in Action curriculum, which incorporates a very wide range of extra-curricular activities, events and trips. Our overall aim is to ‘make a difference’ in our own lives, in our community and in the context of global citizenship. Our programme includes the annual Making a Difference Week (MaD Week), when the entire school is released from the regular timetable for one week, in order to undertake a community project or other MaD-related activity.

The leading characteristic of SIS teachers is creative energy. This is a school where it is possible to innovate, to develop and to take risks within the teaching environment, as we seek to prepare our students for their futures, rather than for our own pasts. All students and teachers at SIS have MacBooks and the use of ICT is well developed through our approaches to pedagogy. Staff Development and planning time is strongly embedded within our regular structure, and all members of the community are expected to show a growth mindset on a daily basis.

In summary, SIS is a happy school and a really successful school. We thank you for your interest in joining our team.

Teaching in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a premier destination for expatriate and local teachers! ESF Teachers enjoy an extremely lucrative salary package and a very high standard of living overall, in an exciting and vibrant world city. The teaching profession is highly respected, student motivation and outcomes are excellent, and all teachers receive considerable support from ESF and SIS with settling into Hong Kong, as well as with their professional development. Please feel free to contact us in advance about life in Hong Kong if you feel a conversation on this topic would be helpful.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Education, or
• Bachelor’s Degree, as well as a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education), or equivalent

Further Information
Further information can be found in the following locations:
• South Island School website: https://www.sis.edu.hk
• English Schools Foundation website: https://www.esf.edu.hk/

Thank you again for your interest in this role.

For enquiries, please contact Cecilia Lo at [email protected]
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