Quarry Bay School

Curriculum Coordinator TLR 2 (including PYP Coordination)

Far East, Hong Kong

Quarry Bay School is seeking to appoint a Curriculum Coordinator (TLR2) for the start of the school year in August 2019. The position will be a full-time two years contract, renewable by mutual consent. 

As the Curriculum Coordinator (TLR 2) at Quarry Bay School you will:

  • Be a leader of learning and teaching at our school.
  • Lead and coordinate the innovation, maintenance, review and implementation of the curriculum framework (PYP Coordination).
  • Lead our school in further developing, evaluating and adjusting pedagogy, programs and assessment and reporting.
  • Assist the leadership and middle leadership team of the school in curriculum and pedagogical matters.
  • Work alongside teachers in classrooms to develop practice and enhance learning and teaching.
  • Be a valued member of a highly collaborative leadership team.
  • Lead Continuous Professional Development.
  • Lead the Parents as Partners Program.

You will have responsibility and accountability for leading the delivery of the following key tasks:

Contributing to, participating in and assisting with:

  • leadership and management of a whole school approach to curriculum development, implementation, assessment and reporting;
  • the coordination, maintenance and review of the school’s curriculum framework;
  • the maintenance and monitoring of school based programs;
  • the development of a school based vision of curriculum and pedagogy through driving current school priorities ;
  • the provision of feedback on the effectiveness of curriculum programs, pedagogy, assessment and reporting;
  • the development of school based assessment and reporting frameworks;
  • the identification and delivery of professional development needs of the school in relation to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting; and
  • the support of teachers during periods of new and on-going pedagogical endeavours.

Contributing to and assisting with:

  • the facilitation of year level planning and associated activities;
  • the development of units of inquiry or long/mid/short term planning; and
  • enhanced pedagogical delivery in classrooms.

Liaising with:

  • other key personnel (e.g., single subject specialists, Head of SEN or Learning Support Teacher) to assist teachers in ensuring the learning needs of all students are addressed in planning;
  • Principal, Vice Principals, teachers, education assistants and parents on curriculum issues;
  • the community and external personnel to enhance curriculum development; and
  • IB about matters related to the PYP.

The Curriculum Coordinator is accountable to the school Principal or delegate. The Curriculum Coordinator is a member of the Leadership and Management Team (LMT) of the school. On occasions, the Curriculum Coordinator might be expected to act as Vice Principal/Principal where necessary.


  • Bachelor Degree in Education, or
  • Bachelor Degree in any subjects with PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education), or equivalent
  • An exemplary teaching background
  • Proven experience as a pedagogical leader with a deep understanding of the PYP framework or similar.

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Start Date: 01-08-2019

Apply By: 13-01-2019