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The main thing to think about before you move to Thailand to teach is - do you like hot weather? The average temperature throughout the year is over 80 degrees and the range throughout the year is about two degrees between winter and summer. The other thing you need to like is rain, with September averaging ten inches a day. But with all of that said, it is a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people in the world, so you might not mind the wet and the heat. A reputable school will make sure that all your visas and other paperwork are correct and kept up to date Bangkok is an amazing city to visit or to live and work in.

Teaching in Thailand is more about experiencing this incredible country than making a fortune. Bangkok is a fascinating mix of old and new, with some very ancient buildings rubbing shoulders with some totally cutting edge new architecture. Check out the airport for some incredible use of light and space. Shopping in Bangkok is like in many other major cities, in that there are some of the standard large department stores as well as some more individual outlets. When you are living and working there you would do well to stick to the local stores for clothes and food. Although there are bargains to be had wherever you shop, your money will certainly go further this way. As well as the good transport system, you will also find that many schools will arrange somewhere for you to live and this is almost certain to be near to the school.


School Information

Gender: Mixed
Age Range: 3-18
Curriculums: British Curriculum
School Type: International

Location and Contacts

Address: Far East
Website: www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk
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