Employer Information


The Republic of Singapore is a city-state found on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in the south east of Asia. Its 5 million population is packed into just 268 square miles of territory, neighboured by Malaysia to the north and Indonesia to the south. Singapore is a highly successful financial centre but also has an excellent tourism infrastructure in place for visitors. Singapore has also been very welcoming to overseas professionals seeking employment in the country for a number of years; almost a quarter of employees in the service sector are overseas. Singapore has largely attributed its success and continued growth to bringing in skilled foreigners in many sectors such as: science, banking, electronics and of course teaching. Learning English is seen as an important step in becoming a bigger and bigger player on the international scene and is for this reason that teaching in Singapore is a fantastic option for qualified teachers who want to experience a different lifestyle and culture.

Being less than 100 miles from the equator, Singapore has an extremely consistent climate with average temperatures being between 24 and 31C all year round. With the heat however comes regular rainfall with at least some rain to be had half the days of the year. Visiting and working in Singapore is a real experience; this dense city never sleeps and will provide countless adventures and experiences along the way. With overseas workers being so warmly accepted in the city, teaching in Singapore is a real option for qualified teachers and employment packages can be very generous.


School Information

Gender: Mixed
Age Range: 3-18
Curriculums: British Curriculum
School Type: International

Location and Contacts

Address: Far East
Website: www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk
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