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The State of Qatar is a small country in the Middle East entirely occupying a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Qatar's oil and natural gas reserves have made the country enormously wealthy leading to a business oriented, stable country of 1.7 million people. Strangely, of that population only 300,000 or so are native Qatari, giving a good indication of the international nature of this Arabian state.

The capital city of the country is Doha and so most teaching positions in Qatar are located here. With a population of around 1 million people, 80% of the country's residents live in the city or the surrounding suburbs. It is a very important commercial centre for the region and so many overseas workers are based here and send their children to international schools. It is in these international schools that the majority of teachers looking to work in Qatar will find employment. Teaching the children of overseas workers in oil and other industries, you'll find the kids to be receptive and pretty well-behaved. For most overseas teachers in Qatar, accommodation will be included in your employment. Many overseas workers reside within designated compounds which comprise of spacious and comfortable apartments which include leisure facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness suite and children's play areas. Getting around Doha has also been made a lot easier recently by improvements in the public transport system and taxis are readily available. Qatar certainly has a lot on offer for overseas workers and is very much geared towards being a very international country.


School Information

Gender: Mixed
Age Range: 3-18
Curriculums: British Curriculum
School Type: International

Location and Contacts

Address: Doha
Website: www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk
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