Employer Information


There are some good opportunities to work as a teacher in Kuwait but it is perhaps one of the more restrictive choices as there is little to see or do outside the main area of Kuwait city, so if your intention in working abroad is to see the world, this might not be the place for you. Having said that, the standard of living is perfectly acceptable and the salaries are only bettered by Saudi Arabian schools. Of course with no taxation the salary does go further. Many employers can offer you somewhere near your place of work, so travelling about is not too much of an issue There are the usual laws which you would expect in any Muslim country and it would be a very good idea to make yourself thoroughly familiar with them before you go there, because ignorance of the law is no defence if you break the law.

Although there is not much to see in the countryside, Kuwait City has some spectacular sights, including the world famous Kuwait Towers. Food isn't too pricey unless you need a constant supply of your favourites from home. There are plenty of local staples in meat and vegetables to be had much more cheaply and of course fish is a large part of the local cuisine. Seafood is the national staple and this is available in restaurants or on the street. Hotels are a good choice for a special night out. Many of them are allowed to serve alcohol and if you are missing European food, then you will be able to enjoy some in a hotel.


School Information

Gender: Mixed
Age Range: 3-18
Curriculums: British Curriculum
School Type: International

Location and Contacts

Address: Kuwait
Website: www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk
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