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Dubai is based on the north coast of the UAE. Everyone has a picture of what Dubai looks like - fabulous modern soaring buildings, most notably the incredible The Burj Khalifa towering over skyscrapers that already dwarf Londons Canary Wharf. Dubai is an incredibly cosmopolitan city with traditional souks trading alongside modern western shops. The population of Dubai is predominantly foreign, but of such a mixture that no one culture is in the true majority. The cost of living isn't particularly low in Dubai, but you should have plenty left over from your salary to ensure that you can leave the country with some substantial savings under your belt. There are quite a lot of restrictions in Dubai, not least as regards clothing and other public behaviour and it is very important that you make sure you understand that you will not be excused any lapses through ignorance.

Many people go to Dubai for a year or so to build up some savings and this is certainly possible, but many also learn to enjoy the life style and live it up a little. There are some of the most exotic hotels in the world in Dubai and the marina is certainly a classic rich man's playground. The country itself is very rich and there is a lot of luxury to be experienced. Because of the liquor laws in Dubai, clubs and bars are only found in the hotels but they are spectacular. The combination of some amazing beaches along with the incredible temperatures ensure that Dubai is never out of season..


School Information

Gender: Mixed
Age Range: 3-18
Curriculums: British Curriculum
School Type: International

Location and Contacts

Address: United Arab Emirates
Website: www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk
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