CV Writing Tips


Teachers' International Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Requirements

Don't forget that when you are applying for a job in another country, there may be differences in how you should set out your CV; the hints below will help a lot, but do make sure that you check if there are any special requirements before sending. You can only send your resume once, so make sure it is as perfect as you can make it. Pay particular attention to formatting, font and layout, to attract the eye of a potential employer from the first moment.

Personal information

  • First line should always be your name, preferably centred and in a bold or larger font.
  • When applying abroad it is important to state your marital status and dependent children for housing needs and immigration.
  • State your nationality or nationalities.
  • State your date of birth as this is important for visa applications. Use words for the month, to avoid confusion.

Education and Qualifications

  • Unless you are an NQT it is not usually necessary to state early qualifications such as GCSEs. Your university, the dates of your degree or qualifications and the level should be clearly stated.
  • Make sure that the details of your teaching qualification are set out clearly and in full.

Work History

  • List your complete work history, including non teaching experience. If there are any gaps in employment, be careful to explain them truthfully.
  • List the current or most recent job first, then work backwards. The further back you go, the less detail is needed.
  • Make sure that you list the school, location and the subjects you taught and to which age group or level. If you took on any extra responsibilities, make sure you list them along with any out of school activities such as drama or sport.
  • Don't use initials or acronyms for exams and courses as these may not be understood in another country.
  • If you had other jobs whilst teaching, don't list them unless they are appropriate; jobs such as bar work or retail should definitely not be listed for example.
  • Referees should be listed on the CV or resume. Give all means of contacting the person - email, postal address, fax, phone etc - and make sure that the person given as referee is in a post of some authority. If you don't want them to be contacted prior to interview, this should be clearly stated.
  • A passport size head and shoulders photo should be attached to physical applications. If emailing, compress the file to make it easier for the recipient to download.
  • Don't use multiple fonts in your CV - the sans serif fonts are the best choice and never, ever use script or comic fonts.
  • Personal statements should be short and to the point - they should not exceed one page and should be largely teacher focussed, unless an interest is value added for the job.
  • Avoid humour. It doesn't always travel between countries and is easily misconstrued.
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